From the Bear Pit

This is the wedding invitation that the wonderfully talented Dylan Horrocks did for my husband and I when we got married at the start of last year.

I saw a page from Hicksville going around on Tumblr today, which made me remember this and think that tumblr folk would probably appreciate it!

My husband and I are both geeks (we were introduced on the basis that he likes Doctor Who and I had a TARDIS toy that spun and had sound effects) and he is also a huge fan of comic book art, and collects original pages. So, something like this invitation was high on our list of “stuff we wanted” and also very “us”. (Our wedding colour scheme was TARDIS blue, and the abstract circular patterns on top of our cake were actually Gallifrean.)

When all was said and done, we both agreed that the invitation was one of our favourite bits of the whole wedding process - it was so much fun seeing peoples’ reactions when they read it!

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